How I Met Your Mother-Wedding Bride

I think this episode could have also been titled “Baggage” because that was essentially the theme. As always, I love it when this show references past episodes and this one did a bang up job. In an earlier episode, I believe from last season, Ted foreshadows the movie Tony writes about Ted and Stella called “The Wedding Bride”. I love how the writers poke fun at cheesy romantic comedies. The over the top acting, the way the bad guy is so ridiculous, how dramatic and sad the actress who plays Stella is. I felt so bad for Ted as he watched the horribly skewed version of a heartbreaking moment that happened in his life on the big screen. Can you imagine if your heart was broken and someone wrote a movie about it? Worse yet, wrote a movie and pegged you as the villain and not the victim?

Besides the movie, Ted talks about how as we get older in the dating world, everyone that comes along has some form of baggage. For Ted, it was being left at the altar. The funny sidebar showcases Marshall’s baggage of being too nice. He’s always helping people in his small town Minnesodan way, but sometimes he’s too nice for New York. Like when he stops to help someone load a moving van only to find out later he accidentally helped someone rob someone else. They even took the children’s
The end of the episode was awesome when they reveal the baggage of the girl Ted is seeing, Royce. We find out not only has she been left at the altar three times, but she has a gambling addiction, and she SHARES A BED WITH HER BROTHER! “Yeah…you gotta go.” says Ted. Great episode! Oh, and I’m so happy I missed all the spoilers, because apparently they were aplenty on the web. I guess it paid to be in the dark on this one!

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