The Time Traveler's Wife-DVD Review

Now here’s a movie I never thought I’d enjoy. These kind of movies just scream heartbreak. But there was just something about it. It was such an odd movie. There’s a man, Henry, who travels through time, never knowing when he’s going to go, and where he’s going to end up. Talk about needing life insurance quotes! My heart breaks for his wife, Clare. She’s so good about standing by, always waiting for her Henry. I think there’s so much to this story that must have been left out in the book. It really makes me need to read it.
Alba, their daughter, can time travel to, but has a little more control over when she goes. What a crazy life that must be for the wife and mother of time travelers. She’s always left in the dark, always wondering when she’ll see her husband again. Then later in the story he knows what year he’s going to die, and so does his little girl.

The little girl Alba (gosh they picked an ugly name) is so wise beyond her years. What’s interesting is that even though he dies, he’s still back at times, because of the whole time traveling thing. It’s all so darn confusing. I can’t say that I loved the ending, but it wasn’t terrible. It had that bittersweet quality to it.

A story like this really makes me appreciate my life with D. I may complain about his not being home at night because of work, but at least I know WHEN he’ll be home. I’m no stranger to being alone for some important times, but I’ve never had it that bad.

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