Old Ladies Having Babies

On my morning commute to work I listened as my favorite radio hosts announced that Celine Dion is pregnant with twins at the age of 42. Her husband is 68. They were exclaiming about this “great news” and I couldn’t help but yell at the radio. Seriously, how is this great news?! That child is going to grow up with with a geriatric dad who is much more a grandfather than a father, and a mother who is going through menopause before the kids are even out of diapers!

For Celine, we know the kids will have the best of everything, so this might not be all bad. They will be raised by nannies anyways, so who cares if the parents aren’t alive when they graduate from college? I still don’t like this trend. What about the health of the babies? They were conceived through a LOT of fertility treatments. How is this going to affect the health of the child? Plus at that age, the odds they will have a birth defect is so much more likely.

I hate that this is the new trend. It’s like babies are the new handbag. But let’s not forget these are PEOPLE. I’m sorry folks but just because medicine has made it possible for old ladies to have babies, it doesn’t mean they should.

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