America's Got Talent-Fun and Frustrating Show

This is the first time I’ve consecutively watched America’s Got Talent. I’ve caught glimpses of the show in the past but never watched it as the season progressed. It’s fun to watch, but also super frustrating. Sometimes I don’t get why the judges choose who they choose. Last night was the elimination round and they cut some amazing acts. Some of them were downright awful and they let them through. A couple of the acts where they do dare devil stunts that made my skin crawl like I had eczema.

I really think that the acts where people sing should stick to American Idol. I’m so tired of singing-I feel like tons of people can sing or play an instrument. The ones that wow me are the ones with crazy talents. Like the amazing juggler who juggled a CHAINSAW. That guy was cool.

I will say I did love Michael Grimm-he’s just plain sexy and a great singer, even though I don’t want to see him win. I am just ready for someone other than a singer to win one of these shows. I do want to see him get famous though!

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