Baci-Restaurant Review

Last night D and I joined our friends in downtown Healdsburg to check out the new Italian restaurant Baci Cafe & Wine Bar. Right when we walked in the aromas of delicious food wafted over us. I liked the atmosphere of the place. It was quiet enough to hear each other speak, even though the restaurant was crowded.
D and I ordered two pizzas from their brick oven that we could see from our table. They were really tasty. Our friends practically licked their plates clean.
Since it’s a new establishment, the service wasn’t perfect. I would say the servers were a little over eager with the water. Also our entrees took a long time to come out. Luckily our appetizers were quick so we weren’t starving. We also had wine and good company and were in no hurry. I would definitely go back.
My only real complaint is that we stayed out way too late and now I’m incredibly tired at work. I guess I should click here for some eye cream so I can get rid of these puffy eyes. Next time we’ll go out on a Friday!

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