The Sookie Stackhouse Books

I’ve recently gotten into the Sookie Stackhouse book, thanks to a good friend of mine for loaning me the books. They are such a fun read! They’re not as enthralling as the Twilight series but there is definitely something about this charming Miss Sookie Stackhouse and her sexy yet mostly dangerous vampire buddies.

I also love the realness mixed in with the mythology of the character. Here’s Sookie, who is a telepath, but she still worries about money. She’d really benefit from I love her quirkiness and funny southern quotes.

I wondered if I could get a witch to cast a truth spell on Debbie Pelt, whom I despised because she had been cruel to Alcide, insulted me grievously, burned a hole in my favorite wrap and–oh–tried to kill me by proxy. Also, she had stupid hair.

I’m working on All Together Dead and I can’t wait to read Death in the Family. If you haven’t picked up these books, they are a great summer read. You’ll finish them before the end of August!

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