Prop 8 is Overturned!

I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I just never understood why so many Californians would pass a law that bans specific people from marrying each other. How does that harm anyone else? No matter what your religious our personal beliefs, how is it going to hurt you if two men or two women decide to get married? Are you mad because they can now open up a joint health savings account or get benefits if one of them passes away? Why shouldn’t they have the same rights as heterosexuals? I feel like we were so stuck in the dark times, as our society was back when segregation was in effect. Come on people! Equal rights for all. I’m so proud of my home state for getting with the program and realizing banning people from marrying is as unconstitutional as not allowing black people or women the right to vote. Federal Judge Walker for the WIN!!

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