Life Unexpected-Parents Unemployed

Lux is just no ordinary teen. I mean the girl has zero acne and perfect hair. Not to mention a maturity well beyond her years. I feel for her for having a huge crush on her teacher. How crappy! When in just a few years, their age difference wouldn’t matter at ALL. Isn’t it funny how when you’re 21 and the guy is 28 it’s not that big of a deal? Or 25 and 32? But 16 and 23 is icky. It’s definitely the curse of the early to mature teens.

I felt so bad for Kate. For once I actually sympathized with her when she cries to Ryan and rages at him about her career. He didn’t stick up for her and it was super lame. I really don’t like those two as a couple but I have a feeling the writers are going to keep him around for a long time.

I can’t believe Lux cheated on that test! I know she’s got the brains to study and do well. I’m sure that one is going to turn around and bite her in the booty.

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