Life Unexpected-Season 2 Episode 1

Life Unexpected is back! Yay. I love that all my shows have new episodes again finally. I’m still mad that Baze didn’t burst in on Kate and Ryan’s wedding in time. I wonder how they’re going to deal with that triangle. Meanwhile I can’t believe Bug proposed to Lux. Bug is a hottie-he definitely has some kind of natural male fat burners in his metabolism. Jealous. But still, they are so young and it’s obvious Lux has doubts. She’s just like her mother!

Enter cute and sexy new guy in town, who thinks Lux is in college. In his defense she does look like it. They share a kiss, it’s all bad because she’s engaged to Bug.

There’s a bunch of drama with Kate and Ryan dealing with an annoying marriage expert at their job. I won’t even write about it because it was just plain annoying.

Then broken hearted Baze comes home from getting his heart crushed by Kate after professing his love to her. He goes to his bar, hooks up with some bimbo. In the morning, she puts her cigarette out in the trash, thus lighting the bar on fire. I could not be more bummed for Baze. Then in the heat of the fire, literally, Kate calls and tells him she’s pretty sure that Lux is in the bar. Poor Baze goes rushing back into the fire to save her. Of course Lux isn’t there.

He suffers from severe smoke inhalation, but he’s pretty much fine. So Lux is burdened not only by the guilt of kissing the random stranger but of also causing her father to suffer.

PS I hate Kate. He asks her, “If I’d gotten to the church earlier, it wouldn’t have mattered right?” and she says, “Get some rest.” Way to leave a guy on the hook. What a douche! Seriously. But it wouldn’t be a tv show without drama.

Poor Kate gets fired and replaced by the smug and annoying author. Ryan gets a mysterious phone call from someone named Julia, and there’s a little whispering that hints that maybe just maybe he had an affair.

And that slutty bartender Baze hooked up with? Oh yeah, Ryan’s little sister. How’s that for a plot twist? Then Bug leaves Lux, and just when Lux is feeling sorry for herself, she runs into hunky stranger, who turns out to be her TEACHER. Ouch. Poor Lux!! Girl can’t catch a break. I must admit, I’m pretty hooked on this show.

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