Mike & Molly Series Premiere

I love that Fall has brought about all of the new shows and new seasons of old favorites. I tuned into Mike & Molly to see if CBS has found another hit beside Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Mike is a seo tool of a cop who has let himself get drastically out of shape. He’s funny though and he pokes fun of his own weight. Molly, played by Melissa McCarthy who I loved in Samantha Who, is a teacher who is also trying to lose weight and pokes fun at herself. Mike and Molly meet in Overeaters Anonymous and they instantly connect. So far I like the two main characters but I can’t stand Molly’s “slim” sister. She’s not even super slim, she just has a lot of cleavage and sex appealish. She’s got a really annoying voice and doesn’t really mesh with the show. Hopefully they phase her out. I do like Mike’s wise cracking partner. “It’s like hugging a futon.”
I don’t see this being a favorite, but I can see myself watching it when I’m bored and there’s nothing else on. Maybe the second episode will get a little better.

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