Parenthood-I Hear You and I See You

I really liked this show first season. I still like it, but sometimes the arguments between the characters and the talking over each other gets kind of irritating. Poor Joel has to put up with Zeek and his do it yourself shoddy repair work. Joel you can tell is feeling good about being needed and I know he’s going to want to go back to work when he can. Of course now Julia wants another baby and you can see that’s frightening Joel. Also, their little one is asking all sorts of questions about the birds and the bees. You can see they’re both horrified and already thinking their little girl is almost ready for body wash for acne and out of control hormones.
Crosby’s storyline makes me sad and I wish his girlfriend and son would just come back and be with him. I hate that she’s taken their son so far away and deprived Crosby of time with him.
I’m glad Adam stepped up for Lauren and gave her an internship. Kristina’s driving lessons were horrifyingly similar to my experiences with my mom and made me laugh out loud. My mom was a terrible driving instructor. I’m sure I’ll be exactly the same.
Even with the crazy dialog I will keep watching Parenthood. Hopefully they survive the dreaded sophomore year curse!

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