Vampire Diaries-Brave New World

Last episode left us with poor Jeremy getting his neck broken by Damon but survives because of a magic ring, Caroline in the hospital after a car accident, and Tyler’s uncle Mason coming into town (total hottie fyi) to console his family members over his brother’s death. I’m pretty sure every cast member is taking natural weight loss pills because they all look gorgeous. Kudos to the casting director. They have the yummiest guys on this show.

At the end of the last episode, the evil doppleganger of Elena, Miss Katherine, smothers Caroline and says, “Game On”. Caroline drank Damon’s blood to heal and so she wakes from the dead as a vampire. She kind of makes a kick ass vampire in my opinion. She’s sweet but she’s also pure evilness. Stefan and Elena refuse to let Damon kill her.

Meanwhile Damon is pretty sure that there’s something supernatural about Tyler and Mason and he tries to trick them into revealing themselves. There’s some questions Mason asks Tyler about the full moon and his temper so I’m going to go ahead and assume their werewolves. Nice!

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