Christmas is Just Around the Corner

As I wandered through the mall today I couldn’t help but be slapped in the face by all of the Christmas decorations that are already covering everything. It’s not even Halloween yet! But then I really thought about it and Christmas really is just around the corner. I’m amazed that the year has gone by so fast. Wasn’t it just New Years and I was engaged? Now here I am married and about to celebrate my first Thanksgiving with my hubby, and then our first Christmas together as husband and wife. Wow! Now that we’re officially “grown ups” I’m trying to come up with good gifts for the fam. Too bad we’re still pretty broke, as most newlyweds are. I know D’s parents could use one of those nice new hot tub covers but that will set us back too much. Instead we’ll most likely opt for photobooks for both sets of parents of the wedding day. I think they’ll appreciate that.

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