Grey’s Anatomy-Shock to the System

Cristina’s breakdown was so sad. I liked the director bringing us back to that Izzie-ish moment where she’s lying on the floor. Having Cristina lie down on the floor was so perfect for the show and the symbolism of her ultimate breakdown.

I love love love Owen. He is so good for Cristina. He stands up to her and he doesn’t let her get away with her bullshit.

Bailey getting Alex to take his bullet out was a great moment. “I don’t need a reminder, I will carry that day around with me for the rest of my life.”

Meredith finally tells Derek about the miscarriage. Hopefully it’ll cause him to stop being so damn reckless.
I love the mini storyline with Callie and Arizona. I love how Callie is so the man in the relationship.

It breaks my heart that Little Grey tells McSteamy to leave her alone when all he wants to do is help her and heal her so he can propose. I think this is just a temporary setback.

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