Raising Hope-Great New Show

I hope this show sticks around because it’s right up there in quality with The Middle, Modern Family and Community. I’m so impressed with it. From the first episode I knew this was an awesome show. Funny material, great casting and I love the childlike innocence of Jimmy. They even managed to get a cute baby to play Hope. So often on tv the babies are butt ugly. It makes you wonder if only ugly babies make it in showbiz because parents of cute babies wouldn’t want to part with their kids during filming. Just saying. I love the mom on the show Raising Hope too. She’s always looking for a bargain, even though she’ll probably never use it, like flight deals or all the free stuff she hoards from her cleaning jobs. The dad is just a big kid, and the grandma, Ma-Ma is nuttier than a fruitcake. All in all it makes for some great tv!

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