Veronica Mars-TV on DVD review

Absolutely awesome show. I can’t believe I’d never heard of it before. The storylines are interesting, the actors can actually deliver their lines, and the main character Veronica Mars, played by Kristen Bell, is downright adorable.
My inner turmoil is that I get attached to each of Veronica’s boy toys. First the oh so hottie mc hot sheriff deputy. Then there was Logan, who I used to hate but then he grew on me. Sad that they broke up. Now she’s with Duncan again, and while he’s cute and all of that, I still vote for Sheriff McHot stuff. I’m still working my way through Season 2 and so far I haven’ tseen Sheriff McHottie, so maybe the actor left the show.
Why on earth was this show canceled? The CW really knows how to spit out the great shows and Im grateful Netflix has the series on instant play.

I love that it’s not just another teen show about relationships and what the best acne treatment should be. It’s a show with real substance. So of course it was canceled. 🙁

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