How I Met Your Mother-Glitter

Monday’s How I Met Your Mother was brilliant. I seriously love how this show tackles real issues and situations. Take Lily and Robin’s friendship. Lily and Marshal are trying to have a baby so Lily becomes obsessed with all things baby. I’ve experienced this first hand with friends. Women tend to become obsessed with planning their wedding and then with babies. Luckily I like the wedding planning stuff. But the baby thing? I love kids, but I definitely do not want to hear about your mucus plug over brunch like poor Robin dealt with from Lily. Even shopping all Lily could talk about were bob revolution duallie strollers and baby clothes.
Then the gang finds out that Robin’s old bff used to be her friend until she had a baby. Lily is broken hearted thinking Robin is going to dump her as her friend. They end up patching things up, after Marshal uses the voice of reason and tells Lily she’s being ridiculous. I love that-it’s just what a real couple would do.
Of course it wasn’t all seriousness. There was the hilarious “Kids Show” that Robin was on with her old BFF Glitter. The beaver song cracked me up so hard. Great job HIMYM, once again you nailed it!

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