Back from Christmas Break

I only took two days off for Christmas, but it made for a nice long weekend. It’s so hard coming back to reality after the holidays. I had such a nice time with the in-laws this year. We spent Christmas Eve relaxing by the fire, listening to music and watching the dogs play and be silly. When we got to their house, we immediately turned off our cell phones and just had the perfect, unplugged, destressed weekend. We received so many wonderful gifts from my Hubs’ parents. Among them was a great book, A Survival Guide. It has all kinds of illustrations and different scenarios where you might need to know a few things. Starting a fire from scratch, how to roll properly in a kayak. What plants are safe to eat and what to stay away from. It’s a great read and a really fun gift idea! We received a lot of other fun gifts, and the best will be here next week: a BBQ complete with a rotisserie! I cannot wait to put it to good use.

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