The Undomestic Goddess-Sophie Kinsella

I have a confession to make: I love curling up with a good chick lit as much as I love a fun romantic comedy. I know they aren’t that intellectually stimulating, but like a good sitcom, they are so entertaining. I have always been a fan of Sophie Kinsella and The Undomestic Goddess did not disappoint. I respected the protagonist a lot more than Sophie’s infamous Shopaholic character. Samantha is a high powered, overworked, overstressed lawyer for a prestigious law firm in London. She makes an error and loses everything she’s worked for over the last seven years.
In a daze she wanders onto the train and ends up in a small town and knocks on the door of a nice house, hoping to get directions back to the train. Instead the homeowners mistake her for a housekeeper applicant and hire her on the spot.
What I admire about Samantha is her perseverance. She knows absolutely nothing about cooking or cleaning but she learns and she gets creative in a pinch. Kinsella does a great job with Samantha’s character development and the reader gets a sense that Samantha has undergone a great transformation. This book made me really evaluate my working life and long for a new career of my own choosing. Perhaps I need to be more like Samantha.

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