Grey’s Anatomy-Disarm

Is it just me or does it feel like this latest episode was a cheap shot from the writers to try to get the kind of viewers they had for the original shooting episode? I felt like it was forced and pretty weakly played. It felt like the characters didn’t like it much either. I felt like they were all thinking, “This has been done already, let’s move on.”

The good points: Yang comes back and arrives in style-inside the ambulance with her hand in a guy’s chest, keeping his heart beating.

Meredith opens up to Derek about how truly scared she was when he was the one who was shot.

The bad points: The whole Callie/Arizona story. I’m with Callie-I don’t feel sorry for Arizona one bit. She walked out on their relationship. She’s a horrible woman. Good for Callie for standing up for herself.

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