How I Met Your Mother-Bad News

This episode left me sobbing, but it was so so so good. I have always been a huge HIMYM fan, and this show just cemented the fact that it is hands down one of the most well written shows on television. The character growth this season has been incredible and this episode was one of the most powerful of any show I’ve ever watched.

This episode surrounds Marshal and Lily and their quest to have a baby. The main plot of the episode is the two going to a fertility specialist (who just happens to be the real Barney doppleganger) and determining whether or not they have fertility issues. In true HIMYM fashion, there are funny jokes and silliness throughout the episode, like the subplot of Robin’s catastrophe of a work career. That subplot was so necessary because Marshal and Lily’s plotline was pretty serious.

All through the episode there was also a countdown, starting with the number 50. To be honest, I didn’t notice this at all, and only when it was pointed out by other HIMYM viewers in forums did I remember the numbers. I was much more focused on the plot. It turns out this countdown was actually a countdown to the bad news.

Anyone who watches the show knows that Marshal is incredibly close to his parents, especially his dad. At the beginning of the episode Marshal talks about how he always shares his good news with his dad, calling him for every victory, big or small. “I got into law school” or “I just bought a cool viking lamp!” He would probably even call him to ask what kind of Womens Hats to buy for Lily’s birthday.
Marshal talks about how a moment just doesn’t feel real until he can share it with his father. This is a key phrase that will come back to haunt us at the end of the episode.

The couple find out that Lily is quite fertile, so then Marshal fears he is the problem. Just when he’s going to get tested himself, his parents show up for a surprise visit. Lily makes Marshal have the heart to heart that he’s afraid to have with his dad, about how he is worried that they won’t be able to have children. His dad is completely supportive and encouraging and they have this really nice moment together. Flash forward to the end of the episode where Marshal is about to open champagne to celebrate the news that he is also fertile. Lily isn’t there, and the whole time I’m thinking, where is Lily, why isn’t she there? I get this horrible feeling that something is wrong.

Then Marshal decides to go outside and call his dad to share the news. He calls, and the phone rings and rings. Then my heart leaps into my throat when Lily pulls up and she’s crying. “Marshal, your dad had a heart attack…he didn’t make it.” I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Then the camera points to Marshal and we can see him visibly break inside. “I’m not ready for this” he cries into Lily’s arms as the show ends. I couldn’t help but sob into hubs’ arms because that is exactly how I’d react if something happened to one of our parents. We’re reaching that point in life where it’s a reality that our parents will not live forever and something we will have to face one day.

It was definitely a depressing episode but it was also incredible. The level of depth of Marshal and Lily was just so amazing. This show draws me in and makes it feel like these are real friends, and a real couple going through all of these life changing moments. I am not looking forward to watching Marshal grieve but I am looking forward to how this will bring the group forward and encourage them to grow up even more than they already have this season.

One thought on “How I Met Your Mother-Bad News

  1. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO shocked at the end.

    I didn’t know what to think.

    I am glad to meet another addict. I want to buy them all on DVD and go through from the beginning. My brothers introduced me to the show on reruns, and now my husband and I watch every week.

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