How I Met Your Mother-Last Words

Last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother showcased what this show is best at: blending deep feelings and laughter seamlessly. In this week’s episode the gang is in Minnesota for Marshall’s dad’s funeral.

The guys have decided they are going to do everything they can to get Marshall to laugh, while Robin plans to be the “vice girl” packing everything and anything Marshall may need to get through the day. I didn’t laugh much at Ted and Barney’s antics, but it was almost as if the writers knew it wasn’t funny and were showcasing how awkward it can be as friends trying to cheer up someone who is grieving.

Meanwhile Lily has decided to be there for Marshall’s mom, despite how much her mother in law dislikes her. Robin’s bag of goodies makes her into the funeral dealer which brought a few laughs. Lily’s interaction with her mother in law had a real ring of truth to it. Sometimes when a person is going through a hard time, they need a scapegoat. I love that she recognizes what Lily is doing and thanks her for it. That was a sweet moment for the two of them.

Marshall’s breakdown was the best part of this episode, and this quote had me sniffling:

[Marshall’s incensed because the gang is insistent about not listening to his father’s last words if he doesn’t feel like it.]
Marshall: You guys don’t get it, okay? None of you do. My dad was my hero. He is my teacher…and he was my best friend. He was always there for me, and now he’s gone. What am I left with? [shows phone with vague voicemail; looks to sky] Thanks a lot, God. Thank you, you took my father! The greatest man I have ever known, and you whipped him off this earth way too young! [to Lily] And he’ll never get to meet our kids, Lily. But we got this voicemail, [to God] Thanks for the voicemail, it’s such agreat comfort, so whenever I feel lonely, and sad or maybe like I feel I’ve been cheated, at least I have the sound of his pocket to console me.
Lily: Marshall…
Marshall: I was just fair. An entire human life, and it just ends for no reason, and what are we left with? [phone cracks in]
Marvin Eriksen: Marshall? Looks like I’ve been calling you for the last five minutes. How’s my pocket sound? Sorry about that, buddy. Anyway, your mom and I had such a great time seeing you. I love you.

The end of the episode wraps up with Ted talking about last words and everyone calling their dads. Barney calls his mom and says he’s ready to meet his father. I’m really looking forward to who they’re going to pick to play Barney’s dad and see where the show takes that storyline.

The show really makes the viewer think about last words. What are the last ones you said to your loved ones? It makes you want to pick up the phone and call your folks. That’s what I love about this show. It always manages to hit home.

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