Life Unexpected-Series Finale

I’m sad that this show was canceled, but not too surprised. The show was so complicated and the dramas so unbelievable, I knew the writers couldn’t keep it up for long. I would have liked to see at least one more season though.

I am glad that the CW allowed the writers to wrap the show up with an actual ending. Not enough shows that get canceled get the opportunity to do that.

The first half of the finale was powerful. Cate finally gets her stride and becomes a real mom to Lux instead of trying to be her friend. She stands up to her and tells her it is absolutely not ok that she continue to see her teacher. I love that Cate and Baze really stood by each other as parents and did the right thing.

I was also glad that Baze told his dad off and learned that he didn’t have to walk in his father’s footsteps. He grew so much in the last two seasons and now he’s finally a grown up. The cliffhanger from part one where Kate finds out that Ryan’s exe is having his baby, while she finds out she can never have anymore kids was intense. I wasn’t sure where they were going to how the writers were going to deal with that, but I hoped it would end with Cate and Ryan parting ways. Turns out I was right!

It was so touching to see Lux get to graduate from high school. Lux and Jones ended up together, as it should have been. It was so icky that she was with her teacher. I’m so excited that Cate and Baze ended up together! What a twist! I didn’t expect that one, but I’m glad it happened. I love that Lux calls them mom and dad, when all throughout the series she used to call them by their first names. It was a beautifully wrapped up show with the kind of ending that hopeless romantics like me wish for. I think there was still another season left in this show, but at least they got to end on such a positive note.

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  1. hi! thanks for reading picky and leaving it some love!

    my dad bought persuasion for me when the lakehouse came out. it’s been on my list of books to read for a while now. i think i’ve read maybe five pages of it.

    i kind of admire jane for not settling. i’d much rather die alone than marry someone for whom i had no romantic feelings. i think she experienced how grand it could be with lefroy and wanted nothing less than that. yes, it’s sad that she couldn’t experience that with anyone else, but it’s remarkable, too, that she wouldn’t settle.

    your comment, though, left me a little shaken. sometimes, i see a likeness of her in me. sometimes, i wonder if i’m too idealistic.

    but i’ve felt those butterflies before. i’ve felt that chemistry. that sense of belonging. of being home. i wouldn’t want to fake that just to have a ring on my finger and a name attached to mine.

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