Modern Family-Slow Down Your Neighbors

Last week’s episode of Modern Family cracked me up because I have a feeling I’m going to be Claire one day. You’ll find me chasing after a car that drives too fast through residential neighborhoods on my bike. Only I won’t be as passive as her. I think I’d be the type to go stand in the road and flag the driver down just so I could cuss them out. Yeah…I’ve become that crotchety old lady who yells at people that drive too fast. But why do people do it? We live in a residential area now where people feel the need to drive 50 mph. Trust me there is nothing exciting enough in this town that you need to drive that fast to get to.

But anyways, back to the show. Cam and Mitchell’s hippie squatter was so yummy, but I’m sure he stunk to high heaven. Still, he was nice on the eyes!

I adore Luke and I’m pretty sure my future son is going to be just like him. I was falling off the couch laughing at his “teaching technique”. Squirt gun in hand spraying down Gloria and then his sister until they did his bidding. If it was cold enough I would definitely be motivated to learn! I hate squirt guns.

Do you watch Modern Family? If you don’t, you need to remedy that right meow.

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