Our Rental Home is Weird

I love our new home. We’ve been here for three months now and we’re finally getting settled. I am trying to turn this rental into a place we can call home until we’re ready to buy our own place. It’d be nice to say we’ve lived in a place for longer than a year! The hubs and I have moved four times in the past 2.5 years. Crazy huh?
So the reason our home is weird is the layout. The front of the house is fairly normal, it opens up into the living room. Then it goes to the tiny dining area, which doesn’t really fit our extendable dining table. We had to take the leaf out and push it up against the wall so we can have a walk through. I would really love it if we had a full sized dining room but it works for now. But the weirdest part of the house is that the only way to get to the backyard is through the master bedroom. The “master” isn’t really a master except that there is a small bedroom attached to it.
The other bathroom is much bigger, and it is off the “guest” room, the only room with carpetting and a larger closet. I’ve decided that’s where we should put our master bedroom. I think I’d rather share our main bathroom with guests than have guests walking through our bedroom to get to the backyard.

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