Parenthood-Meet the New Boss

Poor Adam! His new boss Cory is worse than his last. This new boss looks like an overgrown teenager and uses the word dude multiple times in a sentence. He wants to use video games as bi tools. Adam should really be running that company. He brings home the video game Cory was telling him about, and as he’s complaining to Kristina, she starts playing the game. It cracked me up because she got really into the game and Adam said, “I’m in hell. I’m in frickin’ hell.”

Then there’s the whole story with Haddie not being able to see her new boyfriend. I really don’t blame them for not wanting her to date a 19 year old emancipated recovering alcoholic. I remember what it’s like to be in Haddie’s shoes though, and I can really empathize with her heartache. I think having to tell your kid they can’t date someone they like would be a really hard part of being a parent. I would totally be Kristina, making guilt pancakes and trying to bride my child into liking me again.

Sarah is trying to connect with her daughter Amber and listen to her play her song for a talent show at school. I love Amber’s voice! It’s always hard to listen to people practice though because no matter what advice you give, you’re bound to get some resistance. Poor Sarah tries to give Amber advice and it backfires, making Amber nervous.

Haddie ends up sneaking behind her parent’s back to go on a real date with her forbidden boyfriend Alex. She gets Amber’s help and Amber agrees. You can sense some worry from Amber when she finds out that Haddie’s guy is a recovering alcoholic that has only been sober 6 months.

The date Alex takes her on is pretty amazing I have to admit. Rooftop movie with a view of the city, watching Sixteen Candles. How romantical!

The scene where Sarah tells Amber she is amazing and that she can fly brought tears to my eyes. It was such a beautiful mother daughter moment. I love how musical their family is.  My family is really musical too so that montage where everyone is singing and playing music together really pulled at my heart strings and made me miss my home and my family so much. This show always knows how to get to me and make me weepy. I hope it survives the chopping block because it’s a incredible show.

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