Parenthood-Opening Night

I have been in Haddie’s shoes. I have had those same type of fights with my parents, where they were telling me I couldn’t date a boy and I had that all consuming teen angst have to date this boy attitude. I’ve wanted to run away, I’ve so been there. I think that’s one reason I love Parenthood. They nail those moments that we experience growing up. Now that I’m an adult, I’m seeing it from the parents perspective and it is incredibly eye opening.

Adam and Christina are struggling because they realize that Haddie’s boyfriend is a good guy. He’s  honest, he’s respectful and he’s mature. But that’s the problem. Haddie is 16, and they want her to be 16, not 16 going on 30. I remember being in a hurry to grow up, but it’s so true what Adam said. “She’s going to spend her whole life being grown up and having to make grown up decisions.” They just want her to enjoy being a teenager for as long as she can.

Still, it would break my heart to have to say no to my child when it comes to dating because I know what that feels like. I think they’re doing the right thing by not allowing her to date Alex, but they’re also pushing her towards lying and sneaking.

I’m curious to see how next week’s episode will go, and whether Camille will do the right thing and call Haddie’s parents. Will Camille take Haddie’s side and let her stay with them or will she back up her parents, as any rational grandparent should?

In the other storylines, I wasn’t that interested in Sarah’s storyline with her kid. He’s a slacker, and her dad shouldn’t have bailed him out, period. As for Crosby, go Cros for standing up to Jasmine and being a good parent. Kids shouldn’t be allowed to just quit when things are hard and I love that he encouraged Jabar to stick it out with the play. He is just too cute for words!

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