Rookies-Great Show for My LEO in Training

I’ve mentioned before that my Hubs makes me watch the show Cops. I don’t mind it too much, but some of the noises, like the sirens and the damn barking K9s gets kind of old. I was searching for a new show that we could both enjoy that would be informative for my hubs while he’s going through his sheriff academy when I stumbled across Rookies. It is on the Crime and Investigation network (Hubs’ favorite network, no surprise there!) and each episode follows a rookie at some point in their law enforcement field training. The end of each episode tells whether or not the rookie passed field training. It’s a great insight into what Hubs is going to have to face when he’s done with academy.

I like it because it shows the more human side of law enforcement. You see the rookies struggling with their new whistler radar detectors and trying to drive their squad car with their FTO yelling in their ear. I would die from the stress of it, but I think Hubs can handle it just fine.

Some episodes break my heart, when the rookies fail out or quit because they can’t handle the stress. It’s a big reality check for the two of us. I like that I’m getting a better understanding of just how challenging this career is going to be for my husband, and I’m grateful there is a show like this for spouses of aspiring LEOs.

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