The Secret Life of An American Teenager

The Secret Life of An American Teenager has been on tv for a few seasons now but I just started watching it from the beginning. I have to say I’m hooked on the teenage drama. The show is a Family oriented show, and is pretty heavy on the Christianity but I like how that is not the focus. Only a few of the teens are Christian and the main character isn’t. I’ve always been a sucker for the wholesome shows and it’s perfect to watch while I’m bored at work.

I’m only a few episodes deep, but here is the premise so far:

The show follows the lives of completely different teens. You’ve got the slutty girl,Adriana, who it seems is looser than most women men meet through free online dating sites. Yet we discover that even though she is easy, she’s really smart as well.

Then there is the ladie’s man, Ricky, who seems to want to charm the pants off of every girl he sees. We find out that he has a very sad history of sexual abuse from his father, and is now in foster care. It definitely explains his obsession with sex.

The goodie goodie girl, Amy, it turns out is pregnant and the very last person anyone would ever think of having sex, let alone getting pregnant.

The goodie goodie guy, Ben, who dates her, albeit a little obsessive is a total sweetie. He immediately proposes after finding out she’s pregnant, even though he’s not the dad. I adore Ben.

Then there’s the pure Christian girl, Grace, who is saving herself for marriage. Her boyfriend not only cheats on her, but kisses the slutty girl in front of her and the entire school, publicly humiliating her. I feel so bad for this girl because she just wants to do the right thing and she seems to be getting mixed up with trouble. She’s caught the eye of Ricky and she has no idea just how bad this guy is.

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