Grey’s Anatomy-Don’t Deceive Me

Dr. Sheppard has started the clinical trials for Alzheimer’s, and he didn’t choose Meredith, he chose Alex. I’m guessing he did this because the trial is so close to Meredith’s heart.

Meanwhile Sloan is dealing with Callie’s pregnancy. He’s not sure how to tell Little Grey, and Arizona is angry but is dealing with it. I’m happy those two are back together.

I love Chief Webber’s confusion about twitter and him calling them “Bailey’s Teets”. I couldn’t help but laugh. I also love that the twitter people help during a surgery. As much as I hate twitter sometimes, it is true that it can be a great tool for getting information back and forth quickly. If you watch the news you can see how true that is.

Christina is back and better than ever. I love that her bedside manner has gotten better from her time away.

Back to Callie’s pregnancy: I can’t help but empathize with her and her pregnancy worries. My body doesn’t always perform the way I want it to, and I’m definitely nervous about when I do decide to have a child. I will want to do everything right and make sure the baby grows healthy and happy.
The moment she hears the heartbeat and we see Arizona smile, we know she’s on board and she isn’t going to bail this time.

I love that Alex admits that Meredith would be much better suited for the Alzheimer’s case study. He says that she’s the only one twisted enough to do it. He also mentions he’s in the running for Chief Resident and he’s kicking ass so far. I can definitely see him as Chief Resident.

Arizona moves Callie’s stuff back in and tells her to shut up and admit that they are together. I love that she’s on board.

Mark tells Lexie that Callie is having his baby. They finally get back together and they are right back in the position they were when they first broke up. I have to say I’m a little more than miffed at Lexie. Mark is doing the right thing and taking responsibility for his child, which is a lot more than most would do in that situation. Instead of applauding him for it, she yells at him and storms out. I hope she grows up just a touch and decides she wants to be with him, baby and all.

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