How I Met Your Mother-Oh Honey

Well, it finally happened. Ted and Zoey got together. I knew it would happen, but I worried it would be in the worst way, where Ted has an affair with Zoey and becomes the bad guy. If that happened I would have been so angry with the writers but instead it’s revealed that Zoey and the Captain are going through a divorce.

I have mixed feelings about it and I’m a little bit frustrated because we know Zoey is not the mother. But at the same time, this whole season has felt like things are finally starting to move forward for the show. The last couple of seasons felt a bit stagnant, and now we’re seeing a lot of character growth. We haven’t seen much out of Ted though, and maybe this new soon to be failed relationship will showcase some of his own personal growth. I loved Barney’s little break down and his big alligator tears. He reminds me of a little boy sometimes and it’s adorable.

Speaking of little kids, I love Marshall’s arguments with his mom and brother. “Get off the phone!” I used to have those when I was a kid and whenever I go home I always feel like I’m a teenager again, no matter how old I get. He’s completely reverted to his childhood. Unfortunately he’s bored as hell, without his xbox slim he’s forced to play Clue by himself. That cracked me up. Then later when he uses the Clue characters to represent Ted and Zoey’s complicated relationship is hilarious. “But Zoey is married to Colonel Mustard, I mean The Captain.” I love how Marshall’s brother and mom get involved in the story and add even more comic relief to an already funny episode.

I wish there had been a little bit more Lily and I even missed Robin (notably my least favorite character) but they’ll have more face time in upcoming episodes, especially when Lily gets pregnant. Katy Perry wasn’t nearly as annoying as I thought she’d be, and I loved the “Oh honey” bit about how naive she was. Once again HIMYM did not disappoint!

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