Mad Love-New Series on CBS

I had high hopes for this new romantic comedy sitcom starring Sarah Chalke and Jason Biggs. They’re both seasoned comedic pros, so this seemed like a win win for a sitcom. The first episode started out pretty cute, with Kate (Chalke) and Ben (Biggs) have a meet cute on the top of a skyscraper where he’s left his phone. They fall for each other and their best friends hate/like each other. You’d think this would have the makings of a great new show.

But the second episode was a bit of a romantic comedy appetite suppressant for me. Kate and Ben have zero chemistry, and yet we’re supposed to believe that these two are soul mates that are madly in love, hence the name “Mad Love”. The two that actually do have chemistry are the best friends who loathe each other. The problem there though is their one line zingers and the horribleness of canned laughter which leaves everything feeling way too forced.

There have been other shows that started off slowly but are now awesome, like Community. So I haven’t given up on this one yet. I love Sarah Chalke and I’d really like to see her in another successful sitcom, like Scrubs was. Here’s hoping!

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