Mr. Sunshine-Matthew Perry is BACK

Matthew Perry is back and sarcastic as ever as Mr. Sunshine. I love the quirkiness of this show and I really hope it survives. Matt is Ben Donovan, the manager of a sports arena (how fun would that job be?). His life is stressful and thankless, and he’s kind of miserable. In one scene, where he uses bolt cutters to open the main gate that everyone else forgot about, he keeps repeating, “I went to college, I went to college.” I get that feeling whenever I have to do some awful task that is well beneath my intelligence.

The characters of the show are too funny. Alice is Ben’s love interest who is dating his friend Alonzo. She was adorable on Better Off Ted and I’m happy to see her on another show. Stupid ABC for canceling Better Off Ted. I really hope they don’t drop the ball and cancel this one.

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