Parenthood-A House Divided

I just have to say that I think it’s ridiculous that Adam and Cristina have allowed Haddie to move in with her grandparents just because she’s mad that they won’t let her see Alex. Unacceptable! They should be standing firm and parenting their kid.

Meanwhile, Adam’s boss is a total nut. It cracks me up that Adam’s boss gets him high with a sucker. But I love that even though he was high, he was still Super Dad and calmed his son down on his camping trip with Zeek.

Haddie does the right thing and apologizes to her parents for saying she chooses Alex over them. Cristina finally confesses to Adam that her mom ran away with her dad when she was only 16, and she’s afraid that Haddie will make the same mistake. She still hasn’t moved home yet and I’m worried she won’t go back.

The previews for next week have me intrigued. Aidan from Sex and the City is the druggie ex of Sarah! Now that is one yummy ex. I can’t wait to see what is in store.

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