Parenthood-Just Go Home

Haddie’s grandma Camille finally tells Haddie it’s time for her to go home. They have a nice talk and it seems to sink in to Haddie. Adam and Sarah talk about Haddie and how she’s doing and Adam says how much he misses her. Later on in the show, Haddie does come home, and the look on her mom’s face is so beautiful. They are just so happy to have her home, and Christina holds back tears as she tells Haddie to come eat.

Later Haddie “casually” runs into Alex while out with Amber and Max. Max comes home and spills the beans to his parents because he wants to play basketball again with Alex. You know Alex is the type of guy that has a lot of sport trophies. The guy as Max puts it, “is really really good at basketball. He’s a way better teacher than you dad.” I feel sorry for Adam because you can tell it hurts his feelings that his son rather learn sports from someone else.

Christina and Adam sit down with Haddie and have an adult discussion about her seeing Alex and agree that it is ok with some ground rules. I was proud of the Bravermans for having a real conversation and not doing that loud overtalk of each other that they always do. Haddie is thrilled and almost knocks her parents over with hugging them. Then later in the episode Christina, Adam, Max and Haddie head to the park and meet Alex. I love that instead of Adam struggling against Alex he decides to embrace his basketball skills and they all play a game. It was such a beautiful scene, and I could tell Alex was touched by the gesture.

Meanwhile there’s a different kind of homecoming going on with Drew and Amber. Their deadbeat druggie dad Seth is back. He meets Drew for lunch and Drew you can tell adores his dad. Amber gets in a fight with Drew about him seeing Seth and tells him about all of the horrible stuff that Seth did. My heart breaks for Amber because I can identify only too well with a deadbeat dad who wasn’t around much. Amber ends up taking Drew to see one of Seth’s shows. Seth sings a song about his children that of course seems to melt Amber’s heart. But after the show when they talk it is very strained and she ends up taking Drew home early. I liked that scene because it’s real. An absent dad can’t just sing a song and make it all better, it takes time.

I wonder if Seth will be a reoccurring character and if Zeek’s suspicions are true that Sarah does still have feelings for him. There wasn’t much happening with Julia this episode, they only had a brief cameo in this week’s episode. Crosby and Jasmine had a big story and one that I definitely didn’t like. Jasmine has become over the top controlling, changing everything about the wedding, and not allowing Crosby to make any decisions. Then they go to pre-marriage counseling as required by the church, and Crosby isn’t really getting a word in. You can see that Crosby is starting to get cold feet and I’m really sad to see it. At the same time, Jasmine could loosen up a little bit. Adam gives great advice to Crosby: “Marriage changes you. Deal with it.” He also points out that Jasmine grounds Crosby, and he is loosens her up, and that they are good for each other. Unfortunately Crosby seems to think that Jasmine grounds him to the point of stifling him. He gets in a fight with Jasmine and ends up sleeping on his house boat, surrounded by take out and beer bottles.

The previews for next week make me think there may not be a wedding. Damnit Crosby, it’s time to grow up!

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