The Oscars-My Favorites Won!

I was really rooting for Colin Firth and Natalie Portman. Icing on the cake was Christian Bale for best supporting actor.

Great night at the Oscars. Colin Firths’ acceptance speech was the best one all night.

“I’m afraid I have to warn you that I’m experiencing stirrings somewhere in the upper abdominals which are threatening to form themselves into dance moves. Joyous as they may be for me, it would be extremely problematic if they make it to my legs before I get offstage.”

Lots of crazy outfits.

Some say Nicole Kidman’s dress was great. I say she looks like she’s wearing a napkin.

I think Gwenyth Paltrow thought she had to dress up as an Oscar.

Jennifer Hudson just looked fabulous.

Cate Blanchett’s dress is just bloody awful. The top looks like someone drew on it with a highlighter.

Anne Hathaway was annoying as ever, but James Franco glaring at her and rolling his eyes kind of made up for it.

That and my DVR’s fast forward ability. As is tradition, I seem to watch the Oscar winning movies after the Academy Awards and this year is no exception. I’m dying to watch The King’s Speech, but most of the others I think I will pass on, especially The Social Network, bleck. Inception looks pretty good too.

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