What’s Up with the Glee Obsession

I don’t get why the show Glee is so popular. I just don’t understand it. The actors can’t sing, and the lip syncing is so fake it is to singing what those orange indoor tanning lotion addicts are to good skin. I have tried to give it a chance but their singing sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Plus it’s just so cheesy!! Please someone explain to me what is good about this show, because so far I’m not very gleeful for it.

One thought on “What’s Up with the Glee Obsession

  1. Maybe you have a jealousy issue, because I doubt that YOU can sing… Clearly the cast can, and damn good too!
    That you put your time into taking the show down, is a little pathetic.
    So try to do what they accomplish and if you can do better, than you can criticize!

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