How Do You Know-Movie Review

I finally got around to watching this movie today. I’ve been really bad about watching movies lately, and I’m a huge movie buff. I blame the cancellation of my Netflix account. Anywho, I am a huge huge Reese Witherspoon fan and this movie didn’t disappoint. I have never seen her in a quasi tomboy roll before and I thought she did an amazing job. I didn’t feel like she was acting. I never do.

So the premise of the movie is that Reese is a professional softball player named Lisa who just got cut from the team she was on for 12 years. Her whole world is basically shattered. She is also dating Owen Wilson who plays this egotistical ladie’s man/professional baseball player named Manny. I love how he has disposable toothbrushes and sweatshirt sets for his conquests so they don’t have to do the walk of shame. I’m pretty sure I’ve dated this man.

Lisa also goes out on an incredibly awkward first date with Paul Rudd’s character George, who is also going through a huge life crisis. His father got him into an incredible amount of legal trouble and his world is crashing down around him as well. They meet for dinner and George attempts to unload on her. She cuts him off and makes him sit there and eat quietly. Of course George is instantly smitten (who wouldn’t be, it’s Reese Witherspoon) and cheers up right away.

Then Manny, the total ladies man falls for Lisa after she opens up to him about getting cut from the team. He asks her to move in with him. I love that they’re both kind of stunted in the romance department. George is an ass but he’s kind of likeable in his assery (yeah it’s a word!).

The movie kind of peters out for me at the end. I think they could have done something more with it, but it’s still a cute one and worth renting.

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