I Miss Samantha Who

I’ve been watching reruns of Samantha Who. I really miss this show and I can’t believe it’s not on the air anymore. Christina Applegate is HILARIOUS! I love her innocence and discovering new things. She’s like a teenage girl shopping for her first prom dresses.

Some of my favorite Samantha-isms:

Samantha: (voiceover) When they write the book of my life, what section will I be in? Mystery? Horror? Romance? Or just misfiled and jammed in the back under military history?

Samantha: I was reading an article the other day, by which I mean I was watching tv, and it said that happiness comes from realizing which things in life you just can’t control and then controlling them, even if it kills you. That might not have been the lesson. I was flipping around.

Regina: Remember when you wanted a trampoline until you hit your head on a beehive?
Samantha: Why would you put a trampoline underneath a beehive?
Regina: To stop you from jumping too high!

I’m glad the writers at least wrapped up the show and had Samantha get together with Todd at the end.

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