Guest Post: Chili’s Restaurant Review

Chili’s: A Great and Affordable Restaurant

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

One of the best restaurants that I visit with friends is Chili’s. I have one of these restaurants right around the corner from me, so my law school friends and I always go after classes are done. It really has become a bit of a tradition to go to Chili’s and enjoy a simple appetizer or a few drinks. Chili’s truly has a great menu, even though it is a nation-wide chain restaurant. I simply love the different sorts of margaritas in particular at Chili’s.

The margaritas at Chili’s are so fabulous, that I always have to set my home security alarm system from Atlanta Home security before I leave for Chili’s. Sometimes, my friends and I end up staying at Chili’s for hours after enjoying an appetizer. Chili’s is a hidden gem for its great bar service. Many people do not know that this chain restaurant offers some of the best drink specials in the country. One truly has plenty of options when it comes to drinks at Chili’s. One can find delicious martinis or margaritas. One of my favorite margaritas is called “Tropical Breeze.” It is a delicious mix with patron and other flavored juices. It is just so refreshing to have this drink.

Overall, Chili’s is a great place for its amazing appetizers and drinks. The drinks are quite affordable, so this is a great hangout spot.

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