How I Met Your Mother-The Exploding Meatball Sub

I love that the writers are finally talking about Ted and Zoey. They are showcasing just how bad they are for each other. UGH I can’t stand that girl! But I know eventually they will break up. I just hope they don’t stretch it out for too long.

Barney’s story about the exploding meatball sub was frustrating. He said that he was mad at Marshall for leaving GNB because he didn’t get the chance to give him the exploding meatball sub. I liked the interaction between Barney and Robin and how she called him out for really being upset about his dad and having abandonment issues. The biggest complaint with the episode is the flash forward 10 years later, where Barney is pretending to die. What the hell? Was that a real flash forward? If so, it puts a giant hole in the theory that he’s with Robin since his place seems like his regular bachelor pad. If he doesn’t end up with Robin I am severely disappointed.

I loved Marshall and Lily’s storyline. Marshall was extremely irresponsible for quitting and taking an unpaid job without checking it out with Lily. I love that she never had to show him her lack of support. She proved she was human when she flipped out at the airport and it made me love them as a couple even more.

Overall this episode fell a little flat, but I know it’s just building towards the finale of what has been an amazing season. I can’t wait for the next episode!

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