How I Met Your Mother-Challenge Accepted

All I can say is that this episode was an equal mix of awesome and torture. I predicted the end, that Barney would be the one getting married, and Ted is the best man. I also predicted that Lily was pregnant, to which I got teary eyed. I’m so happy that’s where the storyline went! Especially after the heartfelt speech Marshal gives about how life has been so terrible this past year.

So now that it’s been revealed that Barney is getting married, I wonder what the writers will do next season. Will he marry Nora or Robin? I have to say I would probably be happier with either, but Robin makes the most sense. There are also some theories that Nora is the mother, and that Ted meets her at Barney’s wedding. I find this one  a little far fetched since I would definitely think that her taking courses at the college would have come up with Barney. But she is Robin’s friend so it would make sense that she would be at the wedding. But why wouldn’t Ted meet her prior to that?

I am so relieved that Ted didn’t end up back with Zoey. Bleck! She was just plain terrible and I’m glad that Robin and Barney stopped it. I can’t wait until next season, and it’s going to be absolute torture to wait until fall for the next season.

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