Beauty & The Briefcase

I knew it wouldn’t be that great of a movie, especially since it was from ABC Family. But I like Hilary Duff, and I thought it might be good for a fun watch. I have to say even with my low expectations it still disappointed. The love interest turned out to be this incredibly unattractive guy. Why couldn’t she have ended up with the sexy guy that played Kyle XY? I had such high hopes. Instead, she ends up with round faced, kind of old man looking, boring ass boss man. Ew ew ew. No Hilary, no!
Also the premise of the movie is pretty bad. She’s a girl who writes for cosmo and goes undercover to find her “magic man” in the workplace. She drools over guys at the office and goes on dates almost every night with a different guy from work. Right, cause that would be acceptable in the work place. It was just so over the top. They could have done a lot with the premise and had it be more believable. Man, if only I could get as lucky as her, write a cheesy story and end up on the cover of Cosmo.

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