Bridesmaids-One Ridiculously Funny Movie

This movie is without a doubt hilarious. I highly recommend anyone see it. Just remember that of course it’s going to be crude and some parts are gross, but it’s a laugh out loud, hold your sides funny movie. I haven’t laughed that much in theaters in ages.

The movie opens with a really awkward sex scene between the main character Annie, and her must take testosterone patches for breakfast douchy screw buddy. FB he calls himself. He’s terrible in the sack but she stays with him anyways because she’s lonely. Oh honey, no.

The movie follows Annie along as her best friend gets married. Basically Annie spirals more and more out of control with her life and hits rock bottom. Along the way there are so many different moments of so funny and awful things that happen to the poor girl. I also love that there are moments of serious heart and reflection as her friends call her out on her bull and tell her to cut it out.

Definitely see this movie, preferably with your girlfriends, but guys will enjoy it too.

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