Cooling off with sprinklers

Guest post written by Sally Hunter

Even though it’s been a long time since I even had kids of my own, whenever it gets hot outside there’s nothing more that I want to do than to run around under a sprinkler. It’s just so much fun to do that and something so freeing about it too! But I think I would look a little crazy to do that without my grandkids, but they’re always willing to join in on the sprinkler fun.

I was looking online to find a new sprinkler that would be better for running around rather than just watering my lawn. As I was doing that bit of online shopping, I saw the site After I read through it some, I decided to sign up for a hearing aid test that I found out about on that site. I had been thinking just a few weeks ago that I should maybe see about getting some hearing aids anyway. I guess that we’ll see what the test results are in the end.

I finally found a new water sprinkler that I think is going to make for even more water sprinkler fun!

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