Honeymoon Ideas

The hubs and I are coming up on our year anniversary, and this may be our last attempt to have a honeymoon and actually call it that. After a year I think we’ll just have to call it a vacation. So I’ve been brainstorming and trying to decide what we can do. He can’t take a lot of vacation time at work since he’s so new. But what is nice is he has 4 days off in a row weekly, so we have the opportunity to take a vacation on his regular days off.

I’ve googled ideas and I found out about Ride the Ducks Philadelphia where we could tour around Philadelphia and see the sights. It’d seems like it’d be a really fun trip. I know they have similar boat/bus type tours in San Francisco that seemed cool. We probably won’t be able to take a trip across the country right now because it’d be too expensive and it would take too long. We will most likely just go somewhere close for an overnight stay. But hopefully one day we’ll end up in Philadelphia where we can check out the historic old city and go out on the Delaware!


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