Making a DVD for the Hubs

I’ve been working on a dvd slideshow for the Hubs for his academy graduation. The video he bought from the ceremony was cool, and then I took the video clips and pictures captured by a fellow classmate and added them to the video. He’d made a video but it was terrible so I did my own version which turned out a lot better, if I do say so myself. I’m all finished with everything but the music.

I’ve been searching everywhere for a website for free mp3 downloads,  and maybe a free internet radio station  and free band promotion for inspiration. Coming up with good song choices is the hardest part of a slideshow I think. I ended up stumbling across and they have all kinds of great mp3s to download. I like that they don’t just have mainstream music but bands I hadn’t heard of before. It’s always nice to expand my music playlists and discover new music that interests me.

For all you music buffs out there I highly recommend you check it out. They also have a place to upload your own music if you’re part of a band or a musician and you can track who’s listening to your music. It’s a cool site and I definitely see it catching on.



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