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Boob Tube Babble
My hubs had to work 7 days in a row, from Friday to Thursday, so I spent a LOT of time on the couch this week. There’s just something about having the TV when you’re home alone that makes it feel a little less lonely. Anyone else feel that way?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager-The overall message about checking people’s phones that everyone kept bringing up seemed way too much like a public service announcement but that happens a lot on this show. Grace is defending Ricky and Amy and tells Adrian she’s awful. She really is a terrible person. She’s after Ricky and she also sleeps with Ben. Are teenage girls these days really this slutty? I sure hope not. I like that Grace’s character is less selfish, but when she panics when her new boyfriend asks if he can see her phone its obvious that she still has some growing up to do. Meanwhile Amy has been brokenhearted that Ricky won’t talk to her. They end up actually having a grown up conversation. It shows how much the characters have matured and it made me happy. Hopefully the writers keep those two together. And can someone just write Adrian off the show? That girl is so annoying!


Ellen– Reruns: Willow Smith was on Monday’s show. I didn’t realize that Will Smith’s kids were getting so old. She’s 10 and kind of crazy. She’s really cute but her style is very out there. Tuesday was an extremely powerful episode with Ellen’s wife Portia De Rossi. She talks about her book and her struggle with anorexia. I definitely teared up and the way she talked about it struck a familiar cord with me. I never got as bad as her, but in my teens and even in my early 20s I struggled with an eating disorder. It’s one of those things that is so easy to fall back into and interviews like this just remind me of how easy it is to fall back into bad patterns.


 America’s Funniest Home Videos-Sometimes it’s just so nice to giggle. My hubs and I caught an old rerun on tv this week and it cracked us both up. The best one was a little boy who gets his head stuck in a cat house, with the cat still in it. So funny! I wish I had a picture of it because it’s hilarious.

Tia & Tamara-I just found out that they have a new reality show. I don’t know what it is about these twins but I’ve always liked them, even though their sitcoms and movies were incredibly cheesy. The show is following one sister who is planning her wedding (I love weddings!) and one sister who is getting ready to have a baby (I love babies!) so this show is sort of perfect for me.

The first episode I saw was “Last Fling Before the Ring” where Tamera is about to have her bachelorette party. Tamera is upset because Tia won’t come to the bachelorette. Tia makes a good argument against it, “I’m almost 8 months pregnant.” No doubt. Sorry but what crap timing to be knocked up right before your sister’s wedding. BOO.

I’m shocked to learn that Tamera chose not to live with her fiance before getting married. They are definitely in for some changes! Watching them do their registry together was pretty cute. You could see the love there.  I feel bad that the two sisters are dealing with huge life moments at the same time. There’s going to be a lot of toe stepping during this process. It makes me grateful that I don’t have a sister in some ways. There were a lot of mini melt downs and a few unnecessary tears but it was still fun to watch. I will probably dvr the series.

The Lying Game– I did not expect to like this show. I watched it on Hulu when I was bored and I was surprised to discover that I actually liked it. It annoys me that the twin who was brought up by adoptive parents is such an ungrateful snob. How does that happen? Then the twin who ended up in the foster care system is the complete opposite (of course!). All of this is all very predictable but what has drawn me in are the mysteries. The snobby twin, Sutton, tells the hard knocks twin, Emma, that her birth parents knew she was a twin and split them up on purpose. She is on a mission to find their birth parents so she convinces Emma to switch places with her while she runs off to LA to search for them. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, after Sutton doesn’t return from her LA trip, and Emma is attacked by a stranger in the shadows. I will definitely be tuning in to see who Emma’s attacker is.


 Nine Lives of Chloe King-Why did I think last week’s episode was the finale? I’m so glad it wasn’t! The actual finale was Tuesday  nightand it was amazing. Chloe goes off on a day trip with Brian who is searching for his grandmother who his dad said was dead. While Brian is reuniting with his long lost Granny-roo, Chloe gets a text from her long lost Daddy (or so she thinks, but I was skeptical) saying he wants to meet her in SF that night!

Then Chloe confesses to her mom that she’s in love with Brian and poor Alek overhears every word. The rest is just so intense I don’t know if I can give you a play by play. It was by far the best episode yet. I can’t believe Chloe’s mom’s business meeting was with Brian’s evil father. I can’t believe the Order killed Jasmine and her mom. I can’t believe the killer was Alek’s brother. I can’t believe that it was Brian’s grandmother who was the ringleader for the attacks. I can’t believe Chloe lost another one of her lives when she falls for the dad trap. It was really just a bunch of goons and a member of the Order. But mostly, I can’t believe they killed off Brian!

The last scene is this slow motion shot of Chloe’s friends running into the theater to find Chloe, with bullet holes in her shirt, and Brian dead on her lap.  I’m betting he’s not really dead but just badly hurt. All I know is there better be a second season because that was amazing and INTENSE!

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