Boob Tube Babble-House Hunter Hoping

Boob Tube Babble
It was a slow tv watching week for me. We went house hunting on Tuesday (YAY!) and so I’ve been spending most of my time watching the mls sites and not much time watching tv. Here’s what I did catch:

1. The Secret Life of the American Teenager: This week’s episode was just meh. I couldn’t really get into the storylines at all. Good for Ricky’s mom for going back to AA, but honestly I could care less about her character. Ben manages to resist Adrian’s “charms”. Let’s face it, Ben has never been very attracted to Adrian and only got with her to make Amy jealous, so I’m not surprised there. Nothing else really stood out to me, but I’m intrigued by next week’s episode preview. Ricky better not be all lame and leave. Can those two just get along please?

2. House Hunters International-They had a family that had a million dollar budget for their vacation home. I would give anything for a budget like that for one home let alone a vacation home! They ended up with a drool worthy home in Panama. I wonder if we watch House Hunters long enough, if somehow we’ll be able to magically afford that beautiful Table Rock real estate.

3. Ellen (Rerun)-I really loved the rerun Wednesday about twits & Ask. It’s clever, it’s almost dirty sounding. I love it. Favorite quote of the episode? “You might be a lesbian if you kissed George Clooney and you don’t remember it!” Oh Ellen you crack me up!
On Thursday Ellen had one of my favorite How I Met Your Mother stars, Alyson Hannigan who plays Lily, on the show. Any show that has any HIMYM characters on it makes me automatically love it.

4. Nine Lives of Chloe King-We left off with Chloe kissing Alex (yay!). This week Brian is pissed after spotting Chloe kissing Alex and Alex is pissed that Chloe still has feelings for Brian. Oh teenage love. Chloe needs to tell her Mom about the fact that she’s not human. It’s driving me crazy!

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  1. Is it just me or is SL really becoming boring? I watched from episode one through all the crazy awful acting and weird storylines and trying to say “sex” as many times as possible. I’ve pushed on through all of that because I want to know what happens! LOL

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