Boob Tube Babble-Yelling at My TV

Boob Tube Babble
This week I seemed to do a lot of yelling at the tv. Do you ever do that when you’re watching a tv show? You just get so frustrated with the characters and you feel the need to tell them? No, I’m the only crazy person? Liars.

Anywaysss, here’s the rundown of what I watched this week:

1. The Secret Life of the American Teenager– I want to slap Adrian right in her overmakeuped face. UGH. She gets it in her truly screwed up head that she’s going to get Ricky back. While I’m happy for Ben that it’s over, how dare she just decide that she’s going to take Ricky back when he’s in a serious relationship with the mother of his baby? Why can’t Amy and Ricky just be happy? This show is just an awful train wreck that I can’t look away from. I’m a little relieved that next week is the season finale.

2. The Nine Lives of Chloe King-Chloe’s love life hangs in the balance. At least that is what the promo said. What kills me about this episode is how she’s toying with Alek’s emotions. She makes out with him, yet she still spends time with Brian and is giving him puppy dog eyes. Not cool Chloe. Also, what the heck was up with Brian punching Alek in the face? I did not see that one coming. I’m not a huge Brian fan anymore. Huge huge Alek fan though. That boy be fine. Come on, guy with accent wins over whiney guy with daddy issues any day.

3. Ellen-Monday’s repeat episode was awesome. They gave a family that really needed another car a car. I may have blubbered like a baby about it. The wife was just so genuinely excited and couldn’t have deserved it more. They also gave her $10,000. WOW. I love generous celebs and I especially love Ellen.

4. Switched at Birth-I’ve been catching up on the season and I just finished the finale. I’m a latecomer but I’m so glad I decided to watch. It’s a crazy premise but I looked it up and it’s actually based on a true story. How freaky is that? The idea that you would raise a child that wasn’t yours and not know it? I was floored by Regina’s confession about knowing about the switch for 12 years, but at the same time, what latina who was with an Italian man wouldn’t question why she had a REDHEAD with blue eyes?! I guess with Bay it’s more believable since at least her dad has brown hair, but with Daphne there is just no way. I’m not sure I trust Bay’s real dad, he seems like he has ulterior motives, but hopefully not.

As for Daphne telling Bay she’s not giving up on Emmett, as mean as it seemed, I guess I can understand. But I think ultimately they’re too good of friends and they really won’t work as a couple. The part in the finale where Emmett uses his voice to tell Bay, “I just want you” I totally cried. This is a great show with talented actors and great storylines. I really hope it stays strong and doesn’t go by way of Secret Life and get all ridiculous and cheesy.

Oh and I started out as not a fan of Bay’s at all, but I’m becoming more of one now. She’s a lot less spoiled and bratty than she was originally. Now Daphne is getting a bit bratty, but that’s just sisters right? I’m interested to see the characters develop more next season.


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  1. ITA with Secret Life. Thank goodness it’s the finale. I won’t watch the next season.

    SAB is my FAVORITE! I cried when Emmett spoke too. I love this show and I was so sad that it was the finale 🙁

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